"We're a happily married couple who want to make a bunch of genre movies and have our own studio.  Kind of like Roger Corman." 
About Binary Star Productions TX

Binary Star Productions TX is an independent filmmaking company.  The brainchild of Margaret Conley and Louis Roth, this enterprise is dedicated to producing creative independent shorts and features.  Started in 2001, Margaret and Louis began Binary Star on the heels of their graduation from the prestigious Los Angeles Film School.  Since then, Binary Star Productions TX has produced a feature length documentary (now in release,) as well as having produced and co-produced a number of shorts. 

Louis Roth:
"I love the movies.  It's why I want to make them.  However, I have noticed a confluence taking place in Hollywood in the last twenty years or so.  As film technology began getting more sophisticated, the ideas in movies began getting less intelligent.  We've all heard about the 'dumbing down' of American culture.  Well, movies are that culture and they have suffered right along with it.  I compare the horror and action pictures of today with the genre exploitation flicks of the seventies and what do I see...?  Today's flicks have more gore, more special effects, a more polished look than their older counterparts; But the old films had more literate scripts, better ideas and something called 'style'.  The only thing the new flicks have going for them is shock value.  I think we have reached a saturation point.  No one is shocked anymore.  Movies have got to recapture the imagination.  I want to make people think a little harder.  Movie imagery is powerful.  We know this.  Those who make movies must exercise responsibility.  Otherwise, we're pushing the culture towards Fahrenheit 451.

Binary Star Productions TX will make the kind of movies that people will see, enjoy and then want to see again and again.  We've got the ideas.  It's time for some fun entertainment!   

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